Francesca Mariano

Movement Direction - Choreography - Soundtrack


Choreography/Movement Direction by Francesca Mariano

Us/Them/Yours, Milan, Italy.
February 2023

Garbage Core Season 09

The event is set in a domestic space, a converted industrial loft — a stone throw’s from last season’s flea shop, in Milan’s Nolo area — the district that’s home to GC’s studio and to much of their community. It is an intimate spot that feels like home, away from the bustle of the city, an atypical venue with a stack of wooden cubes serving as bedrooms for its residents.

As in a theatrical act, models slowly walk in and out of the squared structures — like imaginary dressing rooms, accompanied by hypnotic live music by the Italian experimental act Rosso Polare. Through the bedrooms walls, covered in translucent fabric, or through the their windows illuminated by little lamps, we catch a glimpse of the models changing, like in a subtle voyeuristic game.